Meddeas Program: The in-person interview


Typically, the second Meddeas interview needs to happen in-person. Meddeas has select locations in Europe and North America for these interviews, and you must pay for transportation to the interview (yep, that means that some people have had to cross regions in Spain or states in the U.S. in order to attend the interview). Luckily, for me, they knew I was living in Bogotá for the year and that it would be impossible for me to attend an in-person interview in the States or Spain. They e-mailed me stating that they would make an exception for me, and they offered to hold my second interview via Skype.

This interview was conducted by a different person, again a Spaniard. The interview was entirely in English, but she did ask about my Spanish level. She reminded me that she did not have access to my first interview, so this interview might be a little repetitive. Again, there were a few components to the interview. Most of the interview consisted of questions about me as a person, such as:

– Tell me about your experience abroad in Mexico. Did you have trouble adjusting? Can you give an example?
– Are you religious? Would you be okay working in a religious school?
– Can you tell me about your volunteer experience walking dogs? (This particular volunteer experience apparently intrigued the interviewer, as she only asked me about this one and why I volunteered with animals)
– What do you do? (When I started respond with my work, she clarified, “No, I mean what do you do, as in when you are not working, where are you found? What are you doing?”)
– Do you have any piercings or tattoos? Are you okay with covering up any tattoos you have and removing any piercings you have when you go to school?

Again, she asked about my preferences. She asked if I wanted to live with a host family or not, if I would be okay teaching an age group I didn’t prefer for a whole year, etc.

Finally, there was an activity component, like in the first interview. This time, she explained that she would give me two words in English and I would have to talk about each word for 3 minutes. She said I could explain it, tell a story, talk about something related to the word…anything, just as long as I talked about it for 3 minutes. My two words were “photosynthesis” and “paradox.”

The interview lasted 42 minutes. Overall, not too much to stress about, but do be prepared to improvise and complete some of these little activities they like to make you do. 😉 Good luck!


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