Obtaining a TEFL Certification through International TEFL Academy


To learn more about ITA, visit their website: https://www.internationalteflacademy.com

International TEFL Academy is an accredited company offering TEFL certifications through classes held both online and in-person in various cities in the U.S. and abroad. If you’re thinking about investing (yes, investing…these courses aren’t cheap!) in a TEFL certificate, ITA has a lot to offer to its students including lifetime job search guidance and support, class sizes of 20 or fewer, free online webinars and teaching resources even after completing a course, specific Facebook groups for alumni (including a page for online jobs, jobs in Spain, jobs in the U.S., etc.), and much more. They also frequently offer discounts for classes on their website. For example, the online course costs $1,395 but I got a $150 discount for signing up around Halloween, a $50 referral discount, and another $100 discount for attending an online informational webinar before signing up.

I chose to sign up for the online TEFL course since I was already living in Colombia and wouldn’t be able to travel somewhere to take the course (plus, it’s cheaper)! However, if you’re looking to travel or start teaching abroad right away, they offer many classes in other countries and will even offer you job guidance in that country after your course ends. To name a few, ITA holds classes in Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Russia…and the list goes on! If you’re looking for a more domestic experience, they also offer courses in major U.S. cities including Chicago, Boston, New York, Seattle and Honolulu. These in-person classes are considered full-time so they take fewer weeks to complete than the online class, which is for part-time students.

The online course consists of 170 classroom hours. According to ITA, students should expect to spend roughly 10-12 hours per week on the course and will take about 2.5 months to complete it. In addition to the 170 classroom hours, online students must complete a 20 hour teaching practicum. This is easy to do if you’re already a teacher, but if you don’t have a teaching gig, they can offer you guidance and ideas as to where to find a job or volunteer position in your area. Finally, there are two optional modules you can complete at the end of the course with no additional cost: a Young Learner certificate and a Business English certificate. These additional courses add on about two weeks to your class, but they’re free, so why not take advantage of the opportunity!

I will start my ITA online course on January 30th, so I hope to update this section of the blog with reviews of the course. Aaaaand as I said earlier, I got a “referral discount” by telling ITA I was referred to the program by a fellow Fulbrighter friend here in Bogotá who completed the course the year before. If you’re thinking of completing your TEFL certification through ITA, feel free to use my name (Laura Hoppe) as a referral for your discount (but only after April 14th when I become an alumna)! 🙂

Use this link and follow the instructions to receive a $50 referral discount when you sign up for a course with ITA: https://www.internationalteflacademy.com/alumni-referral-program

Happy learning!


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