The Meddeas Program: Overview and Application Process

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The Meddeas program is an English Language Assistant program in Spain that provides its participants with a stipend and training along with the chance to work as an assistant in a private school. Meddeas offers three levels of programs and participants list their program preference according to their education, experience, and background (i.e. – Did you study education and hope to be a teacher in the future? Do you have a TEFL certificate, but didn’t necessarily study education? Do you have no experience teaching and would like to learn?) Thankfully, Meddeas offers programs for all types of applicants, even if you have no experience teaching! They also offer placements for English, German and French speakers, as long as they are either a native speaker or have a B2-C1 level of English.

Components to the Application:

  • CV / Resume
  • Application form
  • Skype interview (in English)
  • In-person interview (in English). Meddeas has select locations in the U.S., UK, Ireland, Spain, and Germany in which they hold the in-person interview. Applicants outside of these countries will also be considered, however.

Meddeas is different from the auxiliares program in that the selection process is more rigorous and selective. However, one of the big pros about the Meddeas program is that they really try to listen to your preferences and place you in a school/city in which you would thrive. For example, if you have your heart set on teaching in Barcelona, you can tell Meddeas that is your preference, and they will try the best they can to get you a placement in that city or near it.

While traveling to one of their select locations may be a drawback for some during the second round of interviews, Meddeas kindly offered to hold my second interview via Skype as well. At the time of the application process, I was living in Bogotá and they knew I had no chance of making it to any one of their interview locations. Since they liked my profile, they held my “in-person interview” via Skype.

2017-2018 Year Application Timeline:
Sent in application: December 4th, 2016
E-mail scheduling 1st interview: December 9th, 2016
1st interview (via Skype): December 20th, 7am
E-mail scheduling 2nd interview: December 27th
2nd interview (typically in-person, but held via Skype in my case): January 12th, 9:30am
E-mail notifying of pre-acceptance: January 19th
E-mail notifying of placement: April 4th
E-mail notifying of 2nd placement (after declining first): April 21st

Program Details:
 September/October to May/June or January-June.
Location: Various locations in Spain.
Type of work: Language assistants work mainly on their own, prepare their own lessons, and focus on speaking skills with students. They give additional support to teachers, host conversation clubs, and give one-on-one or small group sessions to teachers. Language assistants may be involved in extracurricular activities or teach in other subjects (PE, music, science) in English, German or French.
Types of schools: Private/charter (concertado) schools
Students: Age groups from 2 to 18 years old.
Stipend: 312 – 912 euros/month, depending on program and if you choose to live with a host family or not.
Hours/week: 20 hours (including prep time)
Other benefits: Training (6 to 20 ECTS credits of an online certified course in English) and Teaching Practice (as a Language Assistant), a tutor at your school who will help you and give you advice when needed, paid holidays (the same holidays regular teaching staff have), Social Security and health care (~6.18 euros per month, paid by participants).
Option to renew? Yes, in the same school/program or in a different one
Security deposit (when you accept your placement): 450 euros (given back at the end of the program unless you are expelled or leave before the program ends). Meddeas also keeps 150 euros of the first grant until your grant period ends.

About the Three Types of Programs:

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According to the Meddeas FAQ: (2) TEFL Certificate Requirements: 120 hours (online). You can apply and be accepted into the Advanced program as long as you will complete your TEFL course before the start date of the program.  Completing a TEFL course will improve your prospects during the selection process. (3) All courses are given in English by Universidad Internacional de Cataluña and will be taken during your time in Spain. Participants in the shorter-length programs will take a TEFL for School Teachers course worth 4 ECTS credits. (4) 20 teaching hours per week does not mean you will be at school for 20 hours. You will have some lesson prep time included.

About the University Course:
According to Meddeas, there will be a one-day session at the Universidad Internacional de Cataluña in Barcelona. After participants move to their teaching destination, the course will be held online with the support of forums and a tutor.

Participants in the Advanced program will complete 20 ECTS credits in a course called Expert in Bilingual Education. It takes 480 hours to complete.

Participants in the Graduate or Speakers programs will complete 6 ECTS credits (180 hours) in one of 6 ECTS certified courses If you hold a TEFL certificate, you will take the a course called Teaching English as a Foreign Language – AMET: Advanced Methodologies for English Teachers.

About Lodging Options
Meddeas gives participants two lodging options: living with a host family (which provides you with room + board) or finding your own independent housing.

If you decide to live with a host family, you will work four days instead of five. However, you will spend part of your time interacting in English with your host family. There will be arranged “Foreign Language Days” in which you must only use the target language with your host family. You will spend planned time with the family and play games or organize activities for them. On “Regular Days,” you may practice Spanish with the family, travel, and do your own thing. Families typically have curfews and you must be respectful and abide by their house rules.

If you choose to live with a family, you will make less money per month since the family covers your room and board costs.

Interested in the Program?

You can find out more about Meddeas at their website:

If you’re interested in reading about my application process, see my previous blog posts:
Meddeas Program: The Skype interview
Meddeas Program: The in-person interview
Meddeas Program: Final Stage

Finally, here is a complete FAQ for the Meddeas program (for the 2017-18 academic year): Meddeas FAQ 2017-18

Good luck & Happy Teaching!


8 thoughts on “The Meddeas Program: Overview and Application Process

  1. Hi there, I’m just filling out the application process for meddeas now and thought you might be able to help with my question. There’s a question on whether you have taken drugs in the past. I do smoke weed occasionally and its not something I feel is a big deal. Do you think saying I smoke weed occasionally with friends would be detrimental and I would be better just saying no altogether? I would like to be as truthful as possible but if they are going to see that and bin my application straight away I would obviously omit it.


    • Hello! That’s a good question, but I think it’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. My gut is to always be truthful on job applications. I’m not sure what their policy is in regards to accepting or declining applications of people with occasional drug use. That being said, it could be a good idea to let them know that smoking would never interfere with or affect your work in the school. From what I’ve read, Spain in general seems to be pretty open to weed-smokers, but I don’t know how that would come off on a job application. Good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you very much for the reply. You’re posts have been really helpful to me in researching this. I’m gonna go ahead and say yeah but I would never let it affect my ability to work or anything else. Better to be truthful and if they don’t like it that’s fine :). Appreciate your help!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the detailed post!
    As you have gone it through – what kind of documents you need to hand in for them? Copies of degree, certificates, etc? I am about to apply but as all my things are back at home, it would be great to know what I need to fetch and translate! 🙂


    • Hi Kristine! That’s a great question. I have never done the Meddeas program before, and I decided to decline a position with them this year, so I never got to the point of having to send them any documents. For the application requirements, check out their website here:

      All I had to do was send in my CV and a filled out application form. After that, I had my two interviews and got accepted into the program. In regards to what you need after that step, I am not completely sure. Good luck! And maybe I’ll see you over there 🙂


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