Hiking at Tenorio National Park, Costa Rica


One of the most beautiful views in the park, the Tenorio waterfall!

Tenorio National Park is a beautiful natural reserve located in Bijagua, Costa Rica. If you’re driving between Liberia and La Fortuna, the national park is right on the way on Highway 6 and it’s definitely worth a visit!


The hike is by no means strenuous except for the stairs leading down to the waterfall. The rest of the trails are very easy to walk on and don’t have too many inclines.


Parents being fascinated by Costa Rica

To get to the park entrance, you’ll have to drive down a white gravel road for about 9km (20-25 minutes). Once you arrive, you’ll pay the $10/person fee to get in the park and they’ll give you a map and recommend where to go. We had some time to spare, so we did the entire hike and had a great time! The hike only took us about 2 hours and we even got to see a group of monkeys on our way out.


Monkey in the canopy

The hike includes a some lookout points, a gorgeous aqua-colored waterfall, a natural hot spring, a bridge, and at the end, you’ll be able to see where the river turns from a typical river color to a brilliant blue hue.


Where the river changes color

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. Apparently you can find big cats, monkeys, birds, and many insects in the park.


A lookout of Tenorio volcano

We finished the hike around 1:45 and decided to stay for lunch. There are two decently-sized restaurants right by the park entrance. The one across from the entrance was pretty busy, so we decided to go across the street to the other restaurant. I had some Costa Rican “tacos” (which, by the way, are way different from the Mexican tacos I’m used to)! The tacos paired with mango juice was the perfect lunch after the hike. Although I think the owner overcharged us, the restaurants seem to offer a good selection of some delicious, typical Costa Rican food.


Costa Rican tacos

We left the parking lot around 2:30, got back to the main road 20 minutes later, and continued on our way to the town of La Fortuna. This drive took us about 2 hours.

If you’re around northern Costa Rica and you’re looking for a relaxing hike, check out Tenorio National Park. You won’t be disappointed!

Pura Vida 🙂


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